Werner Wirth GmbH/ Zierick

Your contact with the world of connection technology – from standard connectors to customised connection solutions.

Connectors by WERNER WIRTH and US manufacturer ZIERICK ensure communication between individual electronic components.

The connectors stand out with soldered joints and high positional accuracy. Both characteristics are achieved by making active use of the capillary effect of the fluid solder in the reflow phase. Strong solder joints and high positioning accuracy during and after solder paste reflow, are what make ZIERICK connectors stand out. The key to these superior characteristics is the active use of the capillary action of the liquefied solder in the reflow phase.

In the past more than 100 years, ZIERICK has consistently brought connection technology innovations onto the market. ZIERICK focus is on wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections, the development and production of various tabs, receptacles, sockets, pins and headers.

NEW this year: The Universal Tab Receptacle 1237/1238 is now available in a high-temp variant made of STOL 76M. The material is RoHS-compliant, offers outstanding strength and good corrosion resistance together with favourable stress-relaxation behaviour. It withstands temperatures of up to 130° C, which makes it interesting particularly for e-mobility/automotive.


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