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We connect electronics and give them durable protection

As leading development partner in the electronics industry, we help our customers to reinvent the world. By combining connection technology and component protection, we create technologically innovative solutions and push back the boundaries. As well as supplying standard connectors and component protection materials, we also offer customised solutions and take on both prototype and mass production, or provide the right processing machines.

The best example: Alpha 6. Alpha 6 is the innovative, compact and user-friendly processing platform for all kinds of coating and dispensing applications: conformal coating, dispensing, bonding and potting. The system offers outstanding coating quality and reproducibility in application while being highly flexible in meeting many different requirements. Even enables surface treatments for optimum adhesion via atmospheric plasma.

Regardless if it applies to conformal coating on mounted or non-mounted assemblies with precise repetition accuracy and reliable process control, and equally to the dispensing of SMD adhesive, thermal compound and soldering paste, melting resins and other 1- or 2-component mould materials. The platform is configured according to the specific requirements. Several metering applications or different materials can be processed on one and the same platform. The axes are designed for application-specific control of a large range of metering and spraying valves, including film coater and jet valves. A camera proceeds with fiducial detection for corresponding XY correction in the interests of more reliable process control. All axes are naturally equipped with brushless servomotors, precision rotating spindles and optical encoders.

Your applications can be discussed and tested in practice in our technology center.
We can even offer production capacity on our machines if you don't want to produce yourself.



Alpha 6: Coating and dispense system


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