SOLDER CHEMISTRY has been developing and manufacturing solders for SMD and THT since 1995. All manufacturing along with our research and development is carried out in Germany.

We specialize in solder chemistry for electronics, focusing on automotive technology, ICT, industrial electronics, solar technology, especially as required by research institutes, which means we can guarantee solid solutions and deliver the technology required by customer-specific applications.

We pride ourselves on our fast customer support, flexibility, close and efficient cooperation with our customers and fast delivery.

Our products include solder pastes, wire, ingots, pellets, SMD adhesives, cleaners and fluxes.

We provide expert know-how in the chemistry and technology underlying the entire spectrum of soldering processes, with a view to reducing defects such as voiding and tombstoning, including in “pin-in-paste” processing and, most recently, LED mounting.

Thanks to 200 g and 500 g solder paste jars, transport, storage and processing at room temperature is possible. We do not apply any additional surcharges, including for temperature-controlled transport.

Our product range includes fully and semi-synthetic halogen and halogen-free fluxes.


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