RG Elektrotechnologie GmbH

RG Elektrotechnologie GmbH within the RUNDFUNK GERNRODE Group became a company of more than 130 employees in midst Germany where highly automated systems for Electronical Manufacturing (EMS) get developed, constructed and produced:

-PCB handling systems
-PCB marking systems
-PCB cleaning systems
-PCB depaneling systems
-Special purpose machines
-Complex automation solutions

No more long-term faults – PCBs in cleanroom quality

Integrate our unique ADC technology into the core process of your SMD production lines. Using ADC (Antistatic Dedusting Conveyor) all PCBs within your SMD process will reach the soldering paste printing in best clean-room quality. „ADC technology“ is the touchfree, antistatic cleaning during in-line transport.

ADC uses 3 steps:
1. Mesuring the electrostatic charge
2. Controlled charge neutralization
3. Vacuum Extraction of neutralized dust

Immediate cleanness control by ADC

Our Challenge: SMD-elements become more and more delicate and small, while being placed closer together. In the process of soldering paste printing, microscopic dust particles impair the coverage with paste and cause issues. Incidents like that lead to expensive waste or repair. Long-term faults can occur. ADC creates clean-room conditions with electrostatic neutrality for the most important manufacturing processes crucial to quality. Therefore such a reliable cleaning takes place preceding to the soldering paste printing. This treatment is touchfree. After Ionisation controlled by sensors the charge neutralized dust particles get vacuum extracted while the PCB is in transport. Re-pollution can be avoided by a covered and shielded transport to the placement machine.

Clean-room quality PCBs, as a result of ADC technology!

PB 500/1 - ADC

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