PBT Works s.r.o.

PBT-Works is the largest, privat managed developer of SMD processing technologies in the Czech Republic. The company is experienced since more than 25 years in developing and manufacturing of high-end cleaning systems and stencil printers for the electronics industries. All cleaning systems are designed for highest efficiency in cleaning, rinsing and drying, whilst always being focused on best environmental friendliness. Thus results in excellent cleaning results with lowest consumption of chemicals, water and a complete waste water free process.

From batch system to multi bath machines with fully automized handling PBT-Works offers an extremely wide product range. Based all over the world, PBT-Works is able supplying best support to all global acting customers.

The portfolio of PBT-Works includes stencil cleaning, PCB defluxing, maintenance cleaning with either ultrasonic or spray in air solutions and process traceability meeting strongest audit requirements.

Kategorie: EQUIPMENT

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