Nordson-Asymtek is developing, manufacturing and distributing high performance automated fluid dispensing machines for the precise and repeatable application of liquid up to paste-like fluids. Typical applications do include for example: automated and selective conformal coating of printed circuit boards, the precise deposition of medium up to high viscosity fluids like adhesives, solder-paste, thermal interface materials and the application of encapsulants like underfill, dam&fill or glob top fluids. Nordson-Asymtek is operating on a global level and can provide customer support on all continents.


High Performance Fluid Dispenser Spectrum II

This platform is setting new standards in terms of precision and throughput for many different dispensing applications. This is not limited to traditional applications, but does also include demanding dispensing operations for microelectronics, semiconductors, MEMS and LED manufacturing. The compact design allows for maximum productivity with minimum floor space requirement. With a size of only 600mm x 1,320mm, the new Spectrum II offers increased performance with a very small footprint and an improved cost-benefit ratio. The considerable increase in precision, speed and accuracy offers additional advantages compared to conventional dispensing systems. The integrated process controls ensure consistent and repeatable dispensing results, since changes in the flowrate can automatically be detected and compensated. For traceability purposes all relevant process parameters are automatically recorded in a log file with date and time stamp. This functionality is fulfilling the requirements of a demanding production environment with respect to a repeatable and reliability process and does offer an extremely low cost of ownership.

Spectrum II


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