LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

LPKF is a specialist in micro material processing with laser systems. Utilizing the company’s core competences of laser micro material processing, optics and laser, control and drive technology it enables systems for especially economical production methods or new products.

The LPKF MicroLine 2000 Laser Depaneling System
LPKF is adding to the »Future Packaging« production line with a member of the LPKF PicoLine 3000 family. With its transport equipment, PicoLine 3000 Ci integrates seamlessly into SMT lines. The laser system automatically separates assembled PCBs - thanks to the new CleanCut technology fast and with technical cleanliness.

Delicate structures or components are not subjected to mechanical or thermal stresses. Laser-based depaneling is highly accurate and does not require any tools or special clamping devices. It causes neither burs nor dust contamination. 

The laser cutting system separates flexible, rigid and rigid-flex boards, as well as various organic and inorganic laminates and substrates.
Ready for Industry 4.0: PicoLine 3000 Ci integrates into the user’s existing manufacturing execution system (MES). It loads process data automatically, transmits key process parameters, structures serial numbers onto depaneled PCBs and can also be used for automated good/bad part detection. All production data can be reliably monitored using tracking and tracing information.

PicoLine 3000 Ci


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