IBL-Löttechnik GmbH

IBL LÖTTECHNIK GMBHExcellent soldering results at low process temperature, unique heat transfer, no overheating, no cold  solder joints, these are the key words for vapor phase soldering. Oxidation-free soldering with best wetting is possible without the use of nitrogen N2 and the associated costs.

The process, developed and patented by IBL, provides tools, which combine simple operation with maximum flexibility and process variability. With over 30 national and international patents, IBL is the market leader in vapor phase technology.

With the VAC-machine series, IBL has been successful for years in the ever growing market for void-free solder joints and has a lot of experience in power electronics, automotive, aerospace, defense, etc.

In the live demonstration line we show the current version of the newly designed vapor phase soldering system BLC620i. Constant development is a major priority at IBL and promises to improve the smart and safe soldering processes. Simple and safe operation with maximum flexbility in the operation are the main focus.

Temperature profiles are created quickly and easily with the Intelligent Profiling System IPS. This is not only time-saving in setup, changeover, in product change and prototyping, but also its economical and energy-saving.


Internet: www.ibl-tech.com

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