Fraunhofer IZM

Fraunhofer IZM provides both technology and process development. We develop reliable assembly and interconnection technologies for microelectronics, microsystem technologies and power electronics. Technologically speaking, Fraunhofer IZM can accompany the entire chain of technology, from wafer-level packaging, to interconnection technologies for chips and boards, right through to reliability research. The range of services is tailored to the specific needs of our customers and includes:
- Electronic specific material assessment and processing
- Support in the qualification of system integration technologies
- Technological process development (including concept and specification of installation)
- Product development (System design, technology selection and adaptation of technologies)
- Consulting on questions of quality, reliability and environmental issues concerning products and production
We focus on the development and qualification of interconnection technologies for board and chip:
- Electrical, thermal and mechanical characterization of substrate and package materials
- Development and assessment of solder, wire and bumping materials and glues
- Redistribution, embedding and bumping technologies on wafer level
- 3D integration on wafer and substrate level
- SMD, CSP, and BGA build-ups
- Assembly, underfilling and encapsulation of flip chips
- Transfer molding of flip chips, CoB and lead frames
- Chip embedding in substrates
- Panel Level Packaging
- Conformable Electronics
- Photonic packaging processes


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