factronix GmbH

Complete Solutions for PCB and Stencil Cleaning

Since 10 years factronix GmbH is providing high-end systems, tools and services for electronic production facilities. Consulting focused on customer requirements and best skilled customer support are the key success for solid growths of the company.

The comprehensive portfolio of factronix, among lot others, consists of the cleaning systems of PBT-works. The long-time partner located in Czech Republic was building cleaning systems for highest customer requirements since 25 years. During that time unique technologies were developed, that prevent mutually shadowing between the PCBs and also eliminating non-uniform cleaning results caused by rotation spray arms.

To provide complete turn-key solutions factronix also offers matching cleaning agents. So a partnership was agreed with the US American manufacturer KYZEN, who is also experienced since over 25 years in cleaning technologies for PCBs and stencils.

In the factronix laboratories customers can evaluate various cleaning systems, even with chemicals from different suppliers to find the best combination of cleaning medium and machine. To instantly verify the cleaning results all necessary equipment for analysis is available in place.

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