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Chips mounted directly on the circuit are often preferred due to their smaller space requirement but also because of lower cost. Automotive electronics in particular demand wirebonds with both thin and heavy aluminium wires because they employ not only logic semiconductors but also power modules.

Wire bonders for such applications must provide a large working area not only in X and Y but also in Z to process large and complicated molded packages. They need multiple, programmable focus heights and ideally are capable of handling a large range of different component types and sizes. For particularly tricky applications, all F&K Delvotec bonder models are also available with a range of different ultrasonic frequencies between 40 and 160 kHz, so that difficult materials and surfaces can be mastered with excellent quality and yield.

The bonder series M17 from F&K Delvotec with its models S, D and L masters these requirements with ease. Interchangeable bond heads for thick and thin wire as well as work areas of different sizes cover an enormous variety of applications with minimal training requirements for operation and maintenance.

The thick wire head features self-adjusting clip-on wire guides with extremely short change-over times and is also capable of bonding aluminium ribbons or copper wires. An optionally available pull tester directly in the bond head can selectively check the first or second bond non-destructively, and, if desired, only those bonds that were suspicious during the built-in process monitoring but were not necessarily defective. This pull tester is fast and does not affect the cycle time significantly.

The highly productive double-head variant M17D is very popular for power semiconductors where two different wire diameters are required. Lastly, the newly developed M17L model with its large working range is specially designed for large-area applications such as battery modules for e-vehicles that can be bonded in a single pass. This simplifies their construction and makes them more cost-effective.

In addition, the M17L also features the revolutionary US laser bonder M17LSB, which can process significantly larger wire cross-sections than ultrasonic bonding and places lower demands on surface quality and component clamping.

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