Brady GmbH

Versatile Labelling Solutions for Highly Efficient Traceability

Brady engineers will support you in setting up an automated traceability system to answer your need for a value added solution to continuously improve production efficiency. The reliability of labels used for identification, is highly dependent on the quality of label material. Brady R&D Department has developed purpose-built polyimide materials for labelling of PC boards, components and products. The labels offers a highly reduced adhesive bleed risk and resists high temperature applications with extreme washing processes and aggressive cleaning agents.  

Brady offers a series of different printing systems for manual labeling. The new BradyPrinter i7100 offers highly accurate label printing up to 7000 labels per day, with up to 300 mm/sec print speed and 600 dpi ultra-sharp printing.

Flexible and compact label feeders support fast and precise application of already printed labels. The modular label feeders need only an adapter changing when you adjust or replace your pick and place machines. The system fits every common pick & apply machine and excels in ease of use.

Brady’s automatic print and labelling innovation is the BSP™61 Print and Apply System with a small footprint and exceptionally easy production line integration. BSP61 is capable of putting a lot of information onto a tiny label and placing it with extreme accuracy.



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