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optical and X-ray inspection

ATEcare Service GmbH & Co. KG

ATEcare Service GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a service oriented company in 2003.

ATEcare have an excellent track record in supplying customers in German-speaking countries and throughout Europe with software (SW) and hardware (HW) solutions for automated testing (automated test equipment). ATEcare also runs a testing laboratory for customers, providing HW/SW applications and services.

Products offered by ATEcare primarily cater to the testing needs of electronics manufacturers and connectivity and integration of repair; ERP, MES and traceability tools with the following test solutions:

  • AOI – Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • MOI – Manual optical inspection
  • AXI – Automated X-ray inspection (3D)
  • SPI – Paste inspection (2D & 3D)
  • ICT – Electrical in-circuit tests
  • FCT – Functional testing
  • FP - Flying probe systems
  • ROBOTIK – mobile and static robotics
  • TRACE – Connections with QS-, MES- and TRAVEABILITY
  • XRAY – Manual and semi-automated X-ray solutions
  • BSCAN – Boundary scanning


ATEcare is renowned for its HW & SW support for older devices produced by manufacturers such as Agilent, GenRad, ORBOTECH, ORPRO Vision, Scorpion, Teradyne and TRI machines as well as x-ray equipment from different manufacturers. Naturally, this service also applies for all current and future products in the portfolio.


ATEcare will be supplying the following machines for the Future Packaging production line at SMT 2022:


VP9000 (NEW) - 3D solder paste inspection from OMRON.

- Inline operation, loop connections to printer and placer

- 3D interference process

- resolution: can be adjusted by thirds if required - therefore universally applicable (patent)

- easiest touch screen programming

- extensive process parameters and statistics


VT-S1080 (NEW) - automatic, optical 3D AOI from OMRON

- inline operation for optimized throughput, flexible dual track solution optionally available

- Top camera with MDMC head (patent)

- 3D measurement of solder joint according to standards by intelligent DLP projection

- Wizzard-guided program generation with few steps

- One hundred percent completion of programs on an off-line station (incl. debug)

- Process optimization with integrated software for line monitoring


VT-X750 (new version) - 3D X-ray from OMRON, automated inline CT inspection device

- "On-the-Fly" CT inspection - fastest 3D "CT" inspection

- resolutions from 3 - 30µm

- closed Micro-Focus X-ray tube (maintenance free)

- Fully automated programming based on libraries

- Process linking to 3D SPI and 3D AOI possible

- Inline but also usable as an analyzer (VG-Studio™).


Next to the line at the ATEcare booth:

- KITOV smart Vision - robot-based inspection system.

- SEC X-ray solutions with own flexible tubes


- QualityLine - data management for the electronics industry

- ABP - inventory control systems with software

- Dr. Eschke - ICT and FKT in scalable design

- INSPECTIS - video microscopy

Electrical test Dr. Eschke CT 350
robot operation



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