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Enterprise Resource Planning

ATEcare Service GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a service-oriented company in 2003. As a co-exhibitor at this year’s Future Packaging Stand, ATEcare will present:

VT-S730H (NEW) - Automated, high-speed optical inspection (Inline 3D-AOI – HighSpeed Version) from OMRON
- Inline operation - for optimized throughput
- Combined 3D-AOI Technology (COMBO-SJI™ patent)
- Proven Color Highlight™ operation in combination with innovative, intelligent DLP projection
- Real 3D-measuring of solder joints, pins and components
- Fixed head – fewer pseudo-errors
- Several integrated 3D methods for disturbance effect compensation
- Meets standards
- 100% remote programming and remote fine-tuning
- Telecentric lens and side cameras
- Completely redesigned programming environment for faster programming
- Extensive process analysis to optimize production
- Easily serviceable

INSPECTIS MOI (NEW) – manual, optical inspection from INSPECTIS (half HD, full HD und 4k)
- Optical inspection of assembled PCBs etc.
- Able to operate from a large distance (e.g. above a monitor)
- Extremely fast and accurate image transmission – working under the camera is possible
- Inspection of solder pads, solder joints and flux
- Search for cuts and scratches, incoming goods inspection
- Digital recording and documentation
- Antistatic
- METRIX, database and measuring software

DR. ESCHKE ICT – Scalable ICT and FCT Tester with inline or robot operation (NEW)
- Flexible assembly (table, rack, inline versions), available in various stages of assembly
- Various adapter concepts (hand leaver, PressDown, pneumatic, vacuum, inline)
- CTS robotic control
- Modern programming environment
- CAD interface, ATG, repair software, statistical analysis and process analysis included
- No multiplexing, cascadable, parallel testing is possible
- Individually expandable (boundary scan, flashing, ISP, LED test, functionality test, vectorless tests and much more)

System connectivity with BITTRACE (NEW) – Connecting system events und results to QS-, MES-, TRACEABILITY Systems
- WEB-based interface with integrated database
- Long-term archiving and provision of data for further processing and connection  (including backup)
- Connecting different processes from various manufacturers
- Linking image and measurement information for process monitoring
- Extensive HW interfaces
- Connecting manual workstations etc.

Electrical test Dr. Eschke CT 350
robot operation



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